Design & Consulting

Jan 01

Ojan Kish company utilizes its knowledge and expertise with the use of APC and Emerson/ Liebert vendors ,the largest manufacturer of infrastructure and data cneters related products to design , procurement and implementation of data center physical infrastructure.

Consulting, Design and Implementation of:

  • Buildings and atmosphere:

Geo-spatial location
Structure specification
Equipments Layout
Walls & Fences
Floors and ceilings
Theft proof and fire proof doors

  • Electric power supply systems,including:

AC and DC electrical panels
Diesel generators and Change Over panels
UPS battries
PFC panels
ATS(Automatic Transfer Switch)
Switchable PDU & Metering

  • Grounding protection systems:

Earth manhole
Power arrester
Grounding systems
Shielding systems
Secondary protection and arresters

  • Cooling systems:

In Room systems
In Row systems
Hot Aisle Containment systems

  • Fire detection and fire alarm systems:

Different type of Sensors (Aspiration, Smoke, Heat, Gas, Infra Red, ...)
Central Controling
Operating Gases (FM200, Argon, Halone, ...)

  • Security and control systems:

Surveillance systems
Live Recording systems
Access Controls
Temperature and humidity sensors